Are you a Christian who wants to understand how Reiki can enhance your connection to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ?  Click this link to read what other Christians have discovered and shared about their experiences with reiki.

"Research by the American Center for Disease Control states that 85% if all illness is emotionally based"

click here to read about what cellular science has discovered.

Reiki is NOT a religion but is in fact a system of healing which supports our physical and emotional bodies for optimum health, overall wellness and personal growth. 

Reiki connects through the practitioner to the client to facilitate healing by clearing the "root" cause which re-establishes a healthy energetic balance, ultimately restoring, sustaining and promoting optimal health and sense of well-being.

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This 4 minute video with Pamela Miles, Author of Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide, speaks about Reiki and how Reiki can assist in your wellness.

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