"I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki session with Linda Groman. It left me completely relaxed and in a really good mood! Linda is very attentive and does not rush the session. Her sincerity and compassion come through. You have to treat yourself to a Reiki session with this gifted professional.  You'll be happy you did!"
(Jane R., Oct 29, 2010)

  • is known to promote a faster recovery from surgery
  • an improvement of the quality and duration of sleep
  • restores balance to your immune system which can reduce or eliminate allergic responses
  • is know to for reduction of side effects from medications and chemotherapy
  • improved mental and emotional clarity
  • restoring a sense of well-being
  • an overall feeling of complete relaxation

Benefits of a Reiki Session

  • reduction in pain levels

The most common benefits experienced by those receiving a reiki session are:

  • relief of muscle tension held in the body