"Linda, I need to share with you the impact you had on my spiritual journey. You have blessed me in so many ways that you are not even aware of. You truly are a God sent tool. Thank you for allowing God to lead and share your life with me. "

(Vicki C., November 2017)

"I have been seeing Linda for several months and her treatments have been so helpful. I especially enjoy Reiki, which leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed. It also lifts up my mood and my energy and motivation definitely increase after a session.  Linda practices a variety of modalities, so I’ve been able to try Integrated Energy Therapy and Sound Healing. Both have broadened my horizons and increased my openness to new experiences. My body seems to particularly resonate with the Sound Healing, which is very soothing. I believe it is starting to ease some of my aches and pains, as well as being very centering. Also, her facility is very inviting – extremely clean, with lovely welcoming colors and thoughtful decorations. I feel very safe and nurtured when I am there. Linda herself is a delight. So thoughtful, never rushing or crowding, always supporting me as I move forward. I’m so glad I’ve met her and can accept her healing."

Charlotte, August 2021

​" Linda's Basic IET class was INCREDIBLE!  I really felt the energy!  She is a wonderful teacher and I want to take the next level class with her. I would recommend Linda to anyone wanting to learn energy healing! "

(Anita C., October 2016)

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki session with Linda. It left me completely relaxed and in a really good mood! Linda is very attentive and does not rush the session. Her sincerity and compassion come through. You have to treat yourself to a Reiki session with this gifted professional.  You'll be happy you did!"

(Jane R, Oct 29, 2010)

"I took the Healing Crystals Workshop at GDW and was super pleased with it!
I've always been drawn to crystals so this class had my name on it. The way the info was explained left me feeling that I had a thorough beginner's knowledge of how crystals work and their inherent beauty and usefulness for healing. Linda was patient and answered all of my questions. A wonderful display of crystals for classwork and purchasing too. Was even gifted with a chakra stones kit! A very good starting point for anyone who has an interest in the crystalline world. Loved this class and hoping there's a second one in the future!

(Jill P. August 2020)

"Gentle Dove Wellness has changed my life. As a former breast cancer patient, now a survivor, I did reiki twice a week for recovering after each chemo treatment. I loved it so much I now continue with it as needed when I feel stressed or run down. Reiki at Gentle Dove has reduced my anxiety and stress level. There are all different packages to fit your budget. I cannot say enough about this place- I am currently taking yoga classes there, 3 people to a class with Mary. She is wonderful. I am also taking an Anxiety Clinic course there, for 4 Saturdays, with Nancy. I love Gentle Dove and the owner, Linda. I am able to work on me, improve my quality of life, and come home to work and family and be the best version of me. I have also done IET therapy here. There are a lot of options, workshops, depending on what you want to accomplish within yourself".-

{Karen T,  October 2020)

"The Integrated Energy Therapy courses were absolutely Incredible! Linda Groman our Master Level instructor was amazing! The material covered, knowledge acquired and hands-on experience was comprehensive and exceeded all expectations. The atmosphere was warm and inviting. The collaboration and personal exchanges of life stories and messages were profound. I learned so much from this experience definitely worth it! "

(Suzanne, July 2021)

"Linda is an amazing healer! She was kind enough to come to my home to provide my Reiki Healing session due to not being able to drive. Words can't even begin to describe the incredible experience I had... as the session began, I felt an energetic "trigger" and the universal energy began to flow throughout my body! As it ended, a sense of deep euphoria settled in and I was able to enjoy the rest of my day even the week with ease and grace. I was feeling so low and had bad pain throughout my body before the session and the next day I woke up feeling energetic and ready to conquer the world again!
A fantastic experience indeed."

(Gina Myers May 14th, 2018)

"I have known Linda for many years. When I was first learning about my own skills I met her and she told me she did IET. I was curious, she did it first in person and it was interesting regarding sensations and visuals. Then she did it from a distance and the same stuff happened! Sensations and visuals and it was awesome! Always be open to the unknown."

(Daniel Teague, April 2020)