Your Emotions Play An Important Role In Your Physical Health

Cellular Biology

& its' role in our Health and Wellness

First we need to understand how your body (at a cellular level) deals with trauma and stress... Renowned cellular biologist Dr. Candace Pert has established that when we have repressed emotions, or issues we’ve buried or swept under the carpet, it creates a body chemistry that can block our cell receptors in certain areas of the body. If those cells remain blocked over a long period of time there is an increased likelihood for illness to be created in the specific areas where the cells are blocked.The key to cellular healing is to uncover the repressed trauma,  or the unaddressed cell memory,  resolve it and clear it completely.

“A myth of material science is that genes control biology, making us victims of our heredity. The new science of epigenetics, however, says that genes do not control our life; our emotions and beliefs actually rewrite our genetic code. In short, we are leaving behind a reality of victimization (by our genes) and moving into the reality that our mind (our consciousness) influences our experience and potential.“~ Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

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 Then your body and your being can naturally go about the process of healing and you are left soaring in a boundless peace, wholeness and well-being that is your own essence.

Your Thought Patterns Can Strongly Suppress Your Immune System

“Psycho-Neuro-Immunology research has produced compelling evidence that our thought patterns directly and instantaneously affect our whole body chemistry, and can suppress our immune system.1 We all ‘know’ that angry people get more heart attacks, and stressed-out people get ulcers. Only happy is healthy, and some evidence even links grief, fear or resentment to cancer.2″   

In an article written by Brandon Bays (the creator of "The Journey Method") in her online publication called " Radical Healing Journey"  she stated "there is now medical science research to support the theory of how our emotions and thoughts affect us on the cellular level".

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD (a cellular biologist) reveals fascinating information about the trillions of cells inside our body and how they respond to our everyday thoughts​​