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Linda's personal journey to self discovery and spiritual healing began shortly after the death of her beloved husband.  Shortly after his passing she began to have "unusual" experiences which caused her to question many things she believed about life and death. She "knew" something was guiding her, although she was not yet aware of the direction her life was yet to take. She began with  the daily practice of meditation which  offered a sense of inner peace she had never known.  In this place of peace she found a renewed stronger spiritual connection. The by-product was the expansion of her intuition or "inner guidance" system.  

Since that time Linda's life path opened up before her has she followed each intuitive lead.  Once she realized that her soul's desire was to be of service to others in their self-healing she made a commitment to herself and Divine Creator to advance her skills as a healing practitioner and teacher... she has never wavered in this commitment.  Linda has been both blessed and privileged to benefit from the wisdom of many wonderful and supportive energy healing teachers throughout the past several decades.

Linda's Training - Educational Background: 

Usui Reiki  - studied at Center for Human Integration (run by the Medical Mission Sisters in Montgomery County PA)   Michael Wanner, Reiki Master/Teacher (Received Master/Teacher Certification on April 2005)

Karuna Reiki® - studied at International Center for Reiki Training, with William Lee Rand, Laurel Shanti Gaia, Michael Baird, Karuna Master Teachers  (Received Master/Teacher Certification in July 2008)

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®  - studied at Infinite Light Healing Studies with Michael Baird  (Received a Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher Certification in August 2015)

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki®  initiated  on July 14th 2018  certified by the International Center for Reiki Training - William Lee Rand

Integrated Energy Therapy®

studied at The Center for Human Integration, Rockledge, Montgomery Co. PA . Rita Maute and Michael Wanner, Master-Instructors - all levels through Advanced.

IET Master Instructor Class taught by Karen Puglia, Master Instructor Trainer for The Center of Being, Inc.  (Received an IET® Master/Instructor Certification May 2006)

About Gentle Dove

Anthony Picco of Cosmic Tuesdays interviewed Linda on May 18th, 2020.

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