If you are not a certified Reiki Practitioner but are interested in learning about Reiki and would love the opportunity to experience Reiki,

Contact us @ info@gentledovewellness.com 

Effective June 26th 2020

 We will restart our Reiki Shares using safety precautions following all CDC guidelines. Masks will be required. We will limit attendance to 9 practitioners and only 3 people per table with tables a safe distance apart from each other until this crisis is over

Reiki Share in Lansdale

An evening of healing for certified Reiki practitioners!

What is Reiki Share?

A group of certified Reiki practitioners comes together to give and receive Reiki from one another for their mutual benefit.

Once a month we gather for this event. 

As of July 2020, we are moving the Shares to the SECOND Sunday of each month unless it falls on a holiday in which case it will be held on an alternate date.  The Share will promptly begin at 1 pm but the center will be open at 12:30 pm to allow for some conversation prior to the Share.


We highly recommend you call ahead or request to be added to our monthly notice email list so you can hold your spot for the share and to informed of any changes which may be necessary to the schedulingPlease call Linda at 267-416-6005 or email her at info@gentledovewellness.com