Since we live in a sea of energy, we sometimes experience things that are not beneficial or desired.  Ask yourself the questions below to see if your energy field (aura) or the energy field of your home is being affected by unbeneficial energies. 

Are you or a family member an empath or energy sensitive?

Do you always have back pain when bad news strikes?

Are you or a family member a victim of Witchcraft? Including spells, curses, black magic or hexes?

Do you or a family member have paranormal activity in your home? Including odd noises, strange visuals, and mood swings while only at home? 

Do you have a medical mystery? Interested in resolving these issues without chemicals or medications?

Problems selling your home?

Own a small business but the attraction and abundance has halted for unknown reasons?

If any of this resonates with you consider checking out Vega Star Healings for more info!

Please consider contacting Daniel Teague. Daniel is the owner of Vega Star Healings. He is a Soul Walk-in, Medical Medium, and Metaphysical Healer. All work is conducted from a distance and no phone calls are needed. Click here to go to Vega Star Healings website