Since we live in a sea of energy, we sometimes experience things that are not beneficial or desired.  Ask yourself the questions below to see if your energy field (aura) or the energy field of your home is being affected by unbeneficial energies. 

Are you still thinking or sensing your ex?

You may have parasite cords.

While home do you experience negative thoughts however when you take a walk outside the thoughts all fade away until you return home?

There may be excessive negative energy in your home.

Do you have back or body pain after getting bad news?

Your Chakras (energy centers) may be energy blocked.

Do you seem to experience emotions like anger, rage, chaos, or sadness out of the thin air?

You may have emotional cords.

If any of this resonates with you consider checking out Vega Star Healings and contact Daniel Teague for a psychic level evaluation and resolution.

​Daniel Teague is a Medical Medium and Distance Energy Healer. 

He can use psychic abilities to tap into any energy field for people,

pets, and homes.

All services are internationally based, no phone or voice contact

is needed. 

Email-based communication is preferred. 

 No explanation of anything is needed, only your name and or

names of family members and the street name of your home are needed.