What is Biofield Tuning?
The term biofield refers to our body’s electrical system in its entirety - both the electric current that runs through our bodies, and the magnetic field that surrounds it.
Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that works directly with this system, seeing it as inextricably connected with our conscious and subconscious mind, including our memories

Standard Session 1 hour, $100

This one-hour session entails working in your biofield (also known as your energy field, toroidal field, or auric field) to locate incoherencies/dissonance – stress and traumas stored in your electro-magnetic field, sometimes for many years – and bring them back into a harmonized state of alignment, balance, and wellbeing. The sound input supports the body in properly digesting unprocessed experiences and integrating optimal frequencies back into the area. Clients generally report feeling "lighter" after a session, among many other positive feelings & states of being.

Sonic Meridian Flush 1.5 hour, $100 (performed in-person only)

This 90-minute session is the most enjoyable to receive! It is like having a frequency massage and some report that the relaxation they receive from it lasts longer than a standard massage! This session will raise the frequency of the entire physical system and your field for optimal health and vitality, as well as charge your cells to repair you more efficiently. This session leaves you feeling lighter and can bring up your optimism for life, and your overall sense of happiness and bliss. You can hold these frequencies longer by being aware of your thought forms & emotions and supporting what the body needs by utilizing regular self-care practices.

Adrenal Rhythm Reset 1-hour, $100.

This one-hour session focuses on the adrenals which manage the stressors the body simulates. The left adrenal is activated when the safety of the organism is being affected in a threatening way. The fight or flight survival mechanism goes into alarm. Throughout life, the adrenals can become overworked & fatigued (can't keep up) which lowers our vibration. The frequency of optimal health to operate our systems efficiently is then drained, scattered, and in chaos. This session will support your adrenals back to a healthy rhythm by giving them the electrical charge/amperage they require to operate in a harmonic coherence once again. Interestingly, the tuning forks naturally bring down energy that is too high or increase energy that is too low – sound is adaptive.

​​​Liza Carroll - Certified Biofeed Tuner  &  Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master

Liza offers both Biofeed Tuning and Reiki sessions at Gentle Dove Wellness.  To book a session with her, click on the Book An Appointment button at the top of this webpage. ​

About Liza
Liza Carroll, MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) is an INFP empath, 5/1 Projector (Human Design), and animal advocate who spent the bulk of her career as a special education/English teacher in the public school system. Having been interested in metaphysics, mysticism, and personal development for most of her life, she came to a point where she felt guided to turn her full attention to learning energy healing modalities, deconditioning, and understanding the nature of reality. She is certified in Biofield Tuning, Holy FIre Reiki III and is working toward certification in Energetic Allergy Healing through Kimberly Carlson.
Liza is passionately interested in helping people free themselves from old stories and energy blockages so they are able to step into their truest, creative state of being.

Here is what a recent client had to say about her session with me:

"Liza is a gifted Biofield Therapist!  Her knowledge and understanding of tuning forks is beyond anything I've experienced before.  She works diligently to clear blockages in the energetic fields and the difference is noticeable!  I always feel blissful when she is done.  Like a full-day retreat or spa day, only better!  Plus my pain levels reduce each time she works on me, so regular sessions are a must!"

- Lisa M Franklin, LMT, BCTMB, CCH, CA
Alchemy Massage and Bodyworks

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Liza's Contact info- 
Phone:  484-213-4828

This sound therapy modality was developed by Eileen McKusick over the course of 20 years, informing her master's thesis and subsequent books: Biofield Tuning and Electric Body, Electric Health.

It's a more targeted approach than some sound healing practices. It can help diminish and resolve stresses that become trapped in our field, sometimes for a lifetime. It has also been shown to help alleviate conditions such as pain, insomnia, PTSD, emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, and more. My favorite outcome has been the increase in flow and a stronger sense of my own energetic boundary.

Unless specified sessions can be performed at a distance.

In-Person sessions are currently offered at

Gentle Dove Wellness 1211 Walnut Street, Lansdale, PA 19446