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What attendees are saying...
  • Did you know that Amethyst is a Master Healer?  Do you know what others are?
  • Did you know that crystals absorb negative energy from you, others & your environment?
  • Did you know that some crystals activate, cleanse, or charge other crystals?
  • Do you know that you have an energy system and that it contains "spinning vortexes" called chakras and that crystals bring these chakras into balance? 

During this workshop, we will discuss how healing crystals help us change our energetic frequency and restore balance to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies creating the potential for a state of wellness.
We will focus on 7 crystals (each will be one that resonates with one of the 7 chakras -(root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, crown) in detail. 

You will be shown how to cleanse, charge, and attune your crystals so they can work at their maximum healing potential. 

Fee $125.00   (*Early Bird Fee $115.00!  - valid only if you register within 14 days prior to the workshop date!  

The cost of the workshop includes a beginner's set of chakra crystals for your personal use.  You will learn to clear, program, and charge these crystals during the workshop.

Pre-registration  & pre-payment is required.  Cut off to register is 2 days prior to the date of the workshop.

If you are interested, a large selection of additional crystals is available for purchase after the workshop! 

​​Change your Vibe with Healing Crystals!

 - a more than basic crystal healing workshop

"I took the Healing Crystals Workshop at GDW and was super pleased with it!
I've always been drawn to crystals so this class had my name on it. The way the info was explained left me feeling that I had a thorough beginner's knowledge of how crystals work and their inherent beauty and usefulness for healing. Linda was patient and answered all of my questions. A wonderful display of crystals for classwork and purchasing too. Was even gifted with a chakra stones kit! A very good starting point for anyone who has an interest in the crystalline world. Loved this class and hoping there's a second one in the future!
(Jill P.- August 2020)