Anyone can attend this event. No one is required to have any IET training!

To be scheduled in the Spring of 2023! 

Exchange $20 

The “IET Blessing Bowl Ceremony” is a simple yet powerful Angelic technique that helps you manifest your heart’s desires with ease and joy.

With the IET Master-Instructor present to facilitate this process you can use the Blessing Bowl Ceremony to help you manifest any element of your heart’s desires that you wish. You can use it to help you manifest: a soulmate or soul buddy relationship, an ideal work situation, increased prosperity, an ideal living environment,  clients,  students, or anything else that is in alignment with your soul’s mission and your highest healing.

It starts with a bowl. A bowl is a symbolic empty spiritual container. As you identify things you wish to have the angels help you manifest, you focus your heart’s desire by writing them down on small slips of paper and placing them into the Blessing Bowl. This starts the manifestation process by bringing your heart’s desire from your inner world to the outer world.

Using a special IET vortex energy technique facilitated by the IET Master Instructor, you will then energetically send your heart’s desire from the Blessing Bowl out into the world where it will connect with all of the people, places, settings, and circumstances needed to manifest your heart’s desire with ease and with joy.

Once you are energetically connected to all of these people, places, settings, and circumstances, you use an IET vortex energy technique to attract them to you.

Whenever you use the IET Blessing Bowl Ceremony to manifest an element of your heart’s desires,  you will be amazed at how quickly and powerfully it works. 

The IET Blessing Bowl Ceremony is not limited to helping you manifest your heart’s desires, you can also use the IET Blessing Bowl Ceremony to help your family and friends manifest their heart’s desires as well.

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​IET Blessing Bowl Ceremony 

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