Spiritual Awakening Circle

Spiritual Growth Study Groups

at Gentle Dove

Taking your first steps on your spiritual journey can be perplexing but it doesn’t have to be.  

 Join our Spiritual Awakening Circle for a supportive, relaxed environment where you can learn about chakras, crystals, meditation, and everything in between.  No experience necessary! Beginners welcome!

If you are unsure where to start, this is a welcoming, fostering environment for you to begin your journey and find a community of like-minded people. 

Hosted monthly by Linda Groman, ICRT Certified Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher.

GROUP MEETS MONTHLY on the 2nd Sunday (or 3rd Sunday, if need be) 

The Monthly dates and topics are listed below! 

10:30 AM to 12:00 PM 

Love Donation $20

Registration is recommended due to the limited number of slots

To sign up & pay using our online platform (PayPal) 

Schedule of dates and topics for 2024

Sunday, January 28th, 2024 - Topic:

Meditation and how it can change your life

Sunday, February 11th, 2024 - Topic: 

Your Soul and it's a journey through many lives

Sunday, March 17th (3rd Sunday), 2024 - Topic: 

The Human Energy System - Basics (From Chakras to Meridians) 

​Sunday, April 14th, 2024 - Topic:

Mediumship and other natural psychic gifts - How to develop them

Sunday, May 19th (3rd Sunday) 2024 - Topic: 

Sound & Energy Healing - What you need to understand about our self-healing process

Sunday, June 9th, 2024 - Topic: 

Crystals, How to use them and when to use them! 

Sunday, July 14th, 2024 - Topic: 

Dowsing, what is it and how can I use it in my daily life?

Sunday, August 11th, 2024 - Topic: 

To be determined

Sunday, September 8th, 2024 - Topic: 

To be determined