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My name is Suzanne DeVito. I was born and raised in the Princeton area of New Jersey. In early childhood, I suffered a terrible illness and have since been blessed with mediumship, healing abilities, and intuitive gifts. It wasn't until 2020 after losing my job, filing for a divorce, and starting a new life for myself that my gifts and/or abilities began to take true form. My own personal transformation is that of the phoenix sometimes you must burn for the authentic you to be reborn.

Having this second chance to live the life of my dreams is the greatest gift that, that which is greater could ever have bestowed upon me. I have since dedicated my time and energy to assisting others along their life path. 

I challenge you to imagine the life you have always wanted, start the fire, watch it burn, let go, and see the PHOENIX RISE. 

"Suzanne brings her amazing gifts of mediumship and intuitive "knowing"  to her client's reading. "

Suzanne is available for 30-minute readings every Wednesday

(beginning Oct 20th, 2021)

Times available:  10 am - 2 pm

Fee: $45.00

(cash only)​​

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