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Energies of the

Divine Feminine

When:  Saturday & Sunday,

March 18th-19th, 2023

Time:  1 to 4pm

Cost: $150.00 

You are invited to join Suzanne Rose Intuitive Coach, Medium, and Holy Fire Reiki/Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner on a journey to explore the energies of the divine feminine. In this course you will learn about the Ancient Wisdom of the Divine Feminine and how to connect with goddesses and deities through a series of meditations and/or interactive shares/ experiences. You will also learn how to clear a space and set intentions to work with each Goddess/Deity, as well as, uncover the legacies of each and ways we can still embrace and foster growth the of these legacies within the 21 century.

As a BONUSeveryone will receive a special personalized Goddess Oracle Reading connecting you with the goddess/deity best aligned with your life’s path.

Goddesses/Deities in this Series

Isis Goddess of the Moon

Green Tara Goddess of Enlightenment, Activity and Abundance

Gaia Mother of the Earth

Lakshmi Goddess of Prosperity  

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