‚ÄčAn Evening with Spirit 

with Nicole Angel

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Join Nicole and her team of Angels as they bring forth messages from the other side. Receive guidance from your Guardian Angels, speak to your Loved Ones in Spirit, or meet your Soul Mate!

Nicole will pull out psychic information from your past, present and future lives. She will work within your timelines of reality and present to you new information so you can move forward in life. Anything is possible when Spirit is around!

Nicole and the Angels bring joy, laughter, and wisdom with each reading they give. Receive messages in a group setting and join in the fun with each message. Spirit specifically weaves in a special treat for everyone that joins. 

A naturally born clairvoyant, Nicole is able to see and hear the Angels and Spirit..

She has been reading professionally since 2010. Her work has been showcased throughout the United States and now she brings this wealth of knowledge back to her home state.

To learn more about Nicole Angel, check out her website @ myangelteam.com 


Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 (7-9 PM) 

Saturday, August 5th, 2023  (1-3 PM)

Pre-registration and prepayment will be required.

Gallery Fee:  $65.00 (per person)  

Limited to 15 attendees per Gallery Event