Reiki for Caregivers Program

As a young child, even though I was not raised in a religious family and received no formal religious education, I somehow "knew" there was something or someone that loved me that I could not see or touch.  I would often speak to this Unseen Being for comfort when in great distress.  At some point during my childhood, I began to seek this being by going to religious places, mostly Christian churches of different denominations but what I encountered was not the loving God I knew in my heart but the angry, judging, vengeful God of the Old Testament. This was not the loving, non-judgmental, and nurturing Being I had come to know and lean on throughout my very young life so I decided to stop looking outside of myself for God because through this experience I came to understand my personal one-on-one connection to the God, the Divine Creator was all I needed to guide and protect me in this lifetime. It has served me well.

It was not until after John's passing in 2000 that my life took a turn I could and did not see coming.  At the age of 46 years, widowed and feeling "desperately lost",  I had only one thing I could do.   I turned inwardly once my libre to God and asked him to show me how I could help others.  I unexplainably found I was drawn to learn meditation.  I found that meditation caused my "inner knowing" or intuitive abilities to expand. It was during this time I "found" Reiki (although I prefer to say Reiki found me!).

In 2002, I completed the Reiki Level I certification class which transformed my entire life forever.  I went on to complete both the Level II and the Master/Teacher certifications over the next 3 years.  

Reiki has not only healed me, but it has supported and taught me so much about life and how to be of service to others...   My idea to teach Reiki to caregivers came to me "out of the blue" one day.  I realized it would make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for caregivers and those they care for. 

What are the Benefits of the Program?

The benefits of this program are twofold. 

This program can provide the caregiver with a way to prevent caregiver "burnout" by teaching them how to give themselves Reiki.  It also provides a caregiver with a sense of empowerment as they can provide their patient or loved one with a Reiki session.  This can bring many benefits such as a reduction in pain, stress, and anxiety!   

How can you apply?
For more information about this free program ... Go to

How do I volunteer?
If you are a Reiki Master /Teacher who would like to become a volunteer for this program, please contact us at 267-416-6005!

Why did I create this Program?

‚ÄčIn 2013, I was inspired to begin this program to assist the many caregivers who suffer in silence!   You see I was a caregiver for 6 years for my late husband, John.  John had been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disease at the age of 44.  For me, the most difficult issues I faced as his caregiver were the feelings of emotional isolation and utter powerlessness to help him lessen his pain and suffering.  This experience changed me forever in a deeply profound way.