It was not until after his passing that my life path's took a turn I could not have seen coming...  at 46  years of age...widowed and feeling "lost" and found myself speaking to God!  Speaking from the depth of my soul came the words "I just want to help!". I guess God was listening!  As the following weeks unfolded there were incredible synchronicities which in hindsight I could clearly see God was gently guiding me to this path of healing myself so I could be of service to others.

During the next two years, I grew spiritually.   I turned inward taught myself how to meditate.  I found that meditation caused my "inner knowing" or intuitive abilities to expand ...  It was during this time I "found" Reiki (although I prefer to say Reiki found me!)

In 2002, I completed the Reiki Level I certification class which transformed my entire life forever.  I went on to complete both the Level II and the Master/Teacher certification.  

Reiki has no only healed me, but it has supported and taught me so much about life and how to be of service to others...   I idea to teach Reiki to a caregiver came to me "out of the blue" one day....  I realized that it would make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for caregivers and those they care for. 

What is the Benefits of the Program?

The benefits of this program are two fold. 

This program can provide the caregiver with a way to prevent caregiver "burn-out" by teaching them to self treat.  It can also provide a caregiver with a sense of empowerment as they can help their patient or loved one by providing Reiki for them to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety!   

How can you apply?
For more information about this free program ... Go to

How do I volunteer?
If you are a Reiki Master /Teacher who would like to become a volunteer for this program, please contact us at 267-416-6005!

Why did I create this Program?

​Several years ago, I was inspired to begin this program to help caregivers!   You see I was a caregiver for my husband, John for 6 years.  John has been diagnosed with a neurological disease at the age of 44.  For me the most difficult issues I faced as a caregiver were the feelings of emotional isolation and utter powerlessness to lessen his pain and suffering.  This experience changed me in a profound way.  

Reiki for Caregivers Program