Becoming a library member can save you LOTS of $$$$!

The average cost of buying a book is between $18- $25!!! 

Why not save your hard-earned dollars...  become a member of our library community today and begin saving your hard-earned dollars for that dream vacation or special purchase! 

Why? ... well, there are the savings you will realize, BUT the price of an annual membership will be increased to $30 for the Annual Standard Membership & $50 for the Annual Premium Membership effective January 1, 2021.  So you can SAVE $$ by joining before January 2021!

Why are we increasing the fees?

We are increasing our membership fees to expand our library to lend out spiritually-based & personal growth DVDs and Audio Books on CDs beginning as early as September 2020!   BEST YET! If you join before December 31st, 2020… you will be locked in at the 2020 annual standard or premium membership cost until your membership is terminated.

Once your membership application has been processed, you will receive 2 emails; one from and one from us with instructions on how to log in using your private account on to access our library database.  Your online access to our database of books, DVD's & audiobooks provides you with the ability to easily search our entire library by title, author, categories & more!  You will be able to request a hold on any book or other media in the library for pick up with a press of a button!  

We have over 480 books covering many different subjects... holistic and energy healing, crystals, Law of Attraction, psychic development and protection, Feng Shui, Dowsing, personal empowerment and growth, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! 

Some of the books are rare or uncommon and cannot be found in public libraries

Annual Membership Fee $20.00  

Allow members to borrow 1 book at a time

Premium Annual Membership Fee $40.00

Allows members to borrow 2 books at a time.

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