Steps to Transformation (R) -  a 6 part series

Once you complete this Steps of Transformation series, you are eligible to sign up for our Higher Steps of Transformation!

Steps to Transformation Class Breakdown -

First week  (10/5)- Step # 1 & 2 -   Step 1  Angelic Heartlink Process (connecting with your Angel of Healing through a guided meditation)  &  Step 2 Activate your 12- Strand DNA (supports bringing your Heart’s desires alive in your life)

Second week (10/12) - Step #3   Clear Your Karma (transform your life’s barriers into speed bumps!)

Third week (10/19) - Step #4    Forgiveness Process (Release limiting judgments) - We will be working with a crystal star tetrahedron (containing the sacred geometry of the Mer-Ka-Ba) in this process.

Fourth week (10/26) - Step #5    Empower Your Heart (finding your “point of perfect balance” to support living in the present moment)

Fifth week (11/2) - Step #6    Future Life Progression - (Journey to a Future Lifetime to create a paradigm shift– to open many doors of possibilities in this lifetime!)

Sixth week  (11/9)- Step #7    Freedom Process - (Cut Cords of Co-dependency - living life fully and truly free!)

Did you know that everything you need for your personal transformation is already inside of you?

You are metaphorically like a seed that had been planted in fertile soil, watered and given lots of sunlight… What sprouts forth was simply waiting inside the seed! Your wonderful gifts of creativity and purpose were encoded in that seed waiting to come alive in your life!

Angelic Energy (focused on intent and sacred geometry) is used to awaken these gifts of creativity and service that will benefit you and bring your gifts into the world as part of the Divine Plan!

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Facilitator:   Linda L Groman, IET® Master/Instructor

Even though this is an IET® based Workshop, ANYONE who wants to heal and move forward in life can attend!

Series Dates:  Begins on Thursday, October 5th, 2023 through Thursday, November 9th, 2023

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

This is a 6 part workshop series

While it is optimal to progress through these transformational steps in sequence, once you have taken step 1 and learned how to heartlink with your angels, you can follow these steps to transformation in any sequence you like.  You can focus on the steps that address your specific issues or you can experience a more total transformation by doing them all.  Once you have completed a step, there is an automatic re-activation process that lets you quickly and easily repeat that step allowing you to deepen your transformational experience. 

All 6-parts in the series - ONLY $250.00

(Includes a bound workshop manual and upon completion of all 6 parts you will receive your certificate of completion)