Facilitator:   Linda L Groman, IET® Master/Instructor

Even though this is an IET® based Workshop, ANYONE who wants to heal and move forward in life can attend!

Pre-Requisite: Completion of the Steps for Transformation Series (Steps 1 -7)

DATES: TO be scheduled (call for more info)

Time:  6:30 - 8:30 pm 

This IET Certification Course consists of a 7-part series of workshops

Course Series - $325.00

(Includes a bound Course manual and upon completion of all 7 parts you will receive your certificate of completion)

Higher Steps to Transformation options
Date of Step #1 in Series
Your Full Name

Higher ​Steps to Transformation  - a series of 7 parts

Step #8 –  Grid Healing

Step #9 – Pure Joy

Step #10 – Compassion 

Step #11 – Homecoming 

Step #12 – Unity in Action  

Step # 13 – Ascension                               

Step #14 – Being Love