No prior experience is required to attend! 

This class is a wonderful compliment for any IET Practitioner but is open to all who feel drawn to it!

Fee $175 - for the entire 5 Part Series 

Schedule for this 5 part Certification Class Series:

Week 1 Will include instructions and a discussion about "How to connect to the Healing Angels" followed by connecting to ArchAngel Ariel

Week 2 Connecting with ArchAngel Raphael and Gabriel

Week 3 Connecting with Angel Celestina and Angel Faith

Week 4 Connecting with Angel Cassiel and Angel Daniel

Week 5 Connecting with Angel Sarah and ArchAngel Michael

Each attendee will receive a digital copy of our special illustrated Healing Angels of the Energy Field Class Workbook as part of this class fee.  UPON COMPLETION OF ALL FIVE PARTS YOU WILL RECEIVE A DIGITAL CERTIFICATION issued by The Center of Being

This is a 5 part series held once a week  beginning on

Tuesdays - June 7th ending July 5th, 2022
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Class Facilitator: Linda L Groman, Integrated Energy Therapy(R) Master/Instructor

Prepayment and registration are required to attend

DEADLINE TO REGISTER is 7 days prior to the first class.

The Healing Angels of the Energy Field® Certification Class

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