Meditation Groups

at Gentle Dove Wellness

Have you tried to meditate but have found you just couldn't quiet your mind so you gave up trying?  Then this class is for you!  

We will guide you through techniques that are effective and easy to help you reach the meditative state. 

We will begin each class using a guided meditation to quiet the mind and slow down your mind and bring you into a more relaxed state. After you achieve a more relaxed state,  we will switch to soft meditative background sounds/music to allow you to use the breathing techniques you have learned to maintain this slower brain wave state.. 

Classes will begin on June 6th, 2023 

The number of attendees will be limited to 6.

They will be held monthly on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 7- 8 pm.   

Registration is required.  Prepayment of a $30 fee at the time of registration.  Click the Pay Now button to register! 

3rd Tuesday of the month - 7 - 8 pm

Limited to 8 attendees. 

Registration is required to attend.  

Fee $25.00 per person 

Holy Fire Healing Experiences

Crystal Insights! - a Crystal  Healing Meditation

Healing Group Meditations

These are Holy FireĀ® Experiences that provide deeply healing experiences. They bring in high-frequency healing energies that are very powerful and effective as it comes directly from the Source (Divine Creator).

JUNE 1st, 2023
HOLY LOVE I  - In this experience, Divine Love is installed more clearly and deeply into one's soul.  Divine Love is a special kind of love that is more highly refined and has a higher level of consciousness than human love. It is simultaneously many things: It is a feeling of being loved by a kind and wonderful energy, it is a feeling of being cared for by an energy that knows you intimately and is fully capable of taking care of all your needs.  It is a feeling of being safe.. It is a healing and enhancement of your own ability to love so that there are no unhealthy feelings associated with it.  It soothes and relaxes and nurtures and heals very deeply.  This experience is solely directed by Holy Fire Energy.

JULY 13th, 2023 

HOLY LOVE II - In this experience, Holy Love scans your timeline in this life to find an experience that needs healing and is important in helping you move forward on your spiritual path.  It then works with the aspects and energies involved to heal the issue. This experience is solely directed by Holy Fire Energy.

AUGUST 3rd, 2023

HOLY LOVE III - In this experience, Holy Love takes the person back to the time of conception, gestation, birth, and post-birth. The purpose of this experience is to heal everything needing healing from the time of conception to post-birth.  This can include things that were going on between and with the parents, ancestral issues, experiences in the womb, and birth trauma.  This experience is solely directed by Holy Fire Energy.

SEPT. 7th, 2023

OCEAN OF HOLY LOVE - This experience allows one to "swim" in an ocean of liquid light that contains many colors and frequencies which provide healing for a wide range of conditions and issues. 
The experience is individually guided by the Holy FireĀ® to address the specific needs of each participant. Some will have visual experiences, others will feel the energy flowing around and within, and for some, the experience will take mostly in the unconscious parts of the mind while the participant remains in a state of calm and peace.  This entire experience is solely directed by Holy Fire Energy.

Date of Session
Date of Session

Each month we will connect with the energy of a different crystal to receive knowledge and insights as to how to personally work with this crystal for our personal healing and growth.   

Registration is required to attend. To register and prepay, click the Pay Now button below. 

1st Thursday of the month - 7 - 7:45 pm

Limited to 5 attendees.  Registration is required to attend.  Fee $25 per person -

Beginner's & Intermediate Level Meditation Class.

Date of Session