You can hold your place in the class for as little as a $25 deposit payment (non-refundable - but can be applied to another class at a later date!) 

Join us to discover how you can maintain a more balanced life through understanding your Chakra system!

During the workshop we will cover

  • What do each of the 7 major chakras control?
  • How can you tell if they are imbalanced?
  • How can you balance your chakra energy?
  • Learn the basics about the 7 major chakras?

No experience necessary to attend! 

Start healing your Chakra system today!

$70 per person. Limited seating - Prepayment & Registration is required.

Early Bird Fee $60.00 (valid if paid in full 30 days prior to class date) 

Chakra Workshops

‚Äčat Gentle Dove

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Chakra Workshop

Workshop Dates:

To be scheduled for November 2020